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Lazy Eye Treatment While Young Increases Long Term Visual Benefits

Eye Surgical & Medical Care speaks out about recent studies, which confirm that the early treatment of children for amblyopia, commonly called “lazy eye,” increases the long term academic and social benefits of improved vision.

Columbus, Ohio (October 1, 2015) – Vision impairment has profound impact on the academic life and developmental skills of children. Studies show that early treatment for a relatively common childhood visual condition, amblyopia, or “lazy eye,” can prevent visual problems which limit academic and career success, as well as other social and developmental skills throughout life. The doctors at Eye Surgical & Medical Care in Westerville, Ohio are experts at identifying and treating this condition. They recommend early vision evaluation for all children to diagnose, treat, and prevent eye disease and vision impairment.

According to the American Optometric Association, amblyopia is the “loss or lack of development of central vision in one eye that is unrelated to any eye health problem and is not correctable with lenses.” Treatment varies, but amblyopia does not resolve on its own. The American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus states that there are different types of amblyopia, and these conditions are so common that they are the reason for more vision loss in children than all other causes put together. In fact, everydayhealth.com recently cited that early diagnosis through exams is one of the top ten ways to protect one’s vision.

“The presence of amblyopia is not always obvious. Sometimes parents do not see a lazy or weaker eye. Since early treatment is essential to preserve long term vision and maximize the positive effects of treatment, we recommend every child have regular, complete eye exams by a licensed professional, beginning at age six months and even without evidence of visual problems,” stated Tatiana Hammond, O.D., a doctor at Eye Center & Medical Care who specializes in treating children with amblyopia.

With amblyopia, the brain does not develop strong neural connections from the weaker eye. Early intervention can reverse this process. Treatment for amblyopia varies by type and severity, and does not always require eye glasses. Sometimes, the normal eye is treated with patching, eye drops, and vision therapy, all of which may make the amblyopic, or weaker eye stronger. Without this treatment, the blurry images resulting from amblyopia can be a life-long problem. This can limit adult activities, such as serving in the military, operating an airplane, or operating many other robotic tools and machinery.

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